Singer 31-15 Sewing Machine

The following are pictures of a Singer sewing machine restored. See Testimonial Page.

This Singer industrial 31-15 straight stitch sewing machine was made EARLY 1900’s and was a heavy duty of the apparel industry. Most garment factories ran the machines off of floor mounted line shafting but the machines could also be operated by foot powered treadles.

  1. Machine Specifications:
    • The Singer 31K15 is an industrial sewing machine from the 1950s. It boasts robust features, making it suitable for various fabric types.
    • Key features include:
      • Powerful motor
      • Advanced needle threader
      • Adjustable stitch length and width


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  1. Dave Ronan Avatar
    Dave Ronan

    Is your restored Singer 31-15 sewing machine still for sale?

    1. No, we restored for a customer.
      Thank you

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