Sewing Vintage Sewing Machine

Singer 31-15 Sewing Machin

The following are pictures of a Singer sewing machine restored. See Testimonial Page.

Sewing Sewing Machine Sewing Mechanic Singer Sewing Machine Vintage Sewing Machine

Singer 15 rewiring electrical motor and pedal

We replace wiring on old Singer sewing machines or other vintage machines. Replacing the wires sometimes consist of opening up the motor and soldering new wiring on to the connectors. Some wiring kits are available but if not we make them up.   Singer 15-91 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Sunbrella, Leather to Chifon. The Model […]

Singer Sewing Machine Vintage Sewing Machine

Singer 95-1 Single Needle Lock Stitch Sewing Machine G562345

95-1’s were extensively used in garment factories from the early 1900’s until around 1935 when they became obsolete and were replaced by gear driven machines like the 95-10 and later models like the 95-40, 95-80 and the 95-100 when singer stopped making them. Bob’s Leather Works.