Upfront Pricing System

Up front pricing 

When you pay service technicians by the hour instead of by the job, you’re likely to get slow and inefficient service for which you shouldn’t have to pay. Because we charge by the job, you don’t get stuck paying for slow technicians or for run-around time for parts and other materials. And since we give you and advance quote for the whole project, it’s in our best interest to work as efficiently as possible… so we stock our trucks with every imaginable tools and parts and train our technicians to do the job efficiently and correctly the first time around.  

When you call us, we will dispatch a service technician who will diagnose the problem and decide what repairs are necessary. The technician will inform you how much the repairs will cost and will only proceed with those repairs after you give your authorization.  

This approach gives you the benefit of having a proficient technician who will do the job right the first time. This pricing system contrasts with time and material pricing systems where you don’t suffer, and the company is rewarded for having inexperienced or slow technicians. By removing the clock emphasis, our technicians don’t feel pressured to hurry, which might cause a mistake. Instead, they will take the time necessary to make sure the job is done right the first time.