Jack JK-1790G Button Sew

1 Thread Cleanness
Suitable for sewing button hole of light woven
material such as shirts. The remaining thread is
shorter than 2.5mm, no need manual trimming.

2 High Adaptability For Knitted
Special presser foot, small needle plate and
cloth carrier are standard, which can press
high-elastic material easily and sew beautiful
stitches. Higher adaptability for knitted
material, lower rate of thread breakage.

3 Intelligent System, High Speed
And High Efficiency
LCD screen, sensitive response, simple

4 Closed Loop Motor, Stable High
Cloth feeding, needle pendulum and presser
foot cutting knife are controlled by closed loop
motor, making sewing process more stable.

5 Bottom Sewing, No Pattern
Suitable for elastic material; combination of
bottom sewing and pattern sewing.

6 Cooling Fan; long Durability
Cooling fan can greatly reduce the temperature and prolong lifetime of machine.

7 Semi-dry Head And Hook
Advanced semi-dry technology is adopted on
machine head. No material contamination.

8 Continuous Sewing, High Efficiency
1790G has continuous sewing function with
high efficiency. Longest sewing range:120mm.


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