New Long NP7A Bag Closer

Heavy Duty, Single Thread, Chainstitch, Bag Closing Machine
Featuring an Extra Heavy Feed Dog
with Oil Lubrication System. Made in Japan  


• Designed to close bags made of such materials as jute, cotton, linen, paper, burlap, plastic and waterproofed materials
• Suitable for plain and folded top closures
• Used by packers of flour, grain, fertilizer, feed, chemicals, seed, coffee, sugar, salt, grocery staples, minerals and other products


• Portable
• Uses standard needles
• Uses popular type thread cones
• Protected cutting blades sever the thread after the bag is closed
• Easily adapted for stationary or suspended use without loss of portable features
• Starts sewing any thickness without raising presser foot

also… We have THREAD ! ! !