Fusion Leather Skiving Machine

Complete with table stand & 110 Volt Servo Motor. Fully assembled, tested & Set up.
Fusion SKIVING Leather Machine
Able to adjust cutting height and sharpening of the knife.
Adjustable round knife with sharpening stones.
Two knife sharpening systems.
  • Fortuna-type knife shoe and plate
  • Skiving width up to 2″
  • Waste removing device
  • Separate clutch for engaging the knife sharpener prolongs the life of the knife and sharpening stone
  • Removes the backing off of leather

    Widely used for edge skiving and whole skiving of leather, artificial leather, vinyl and similar materials.

    Used in conjunction with such products as shoe uppers, leather bags, belts, watch straps and leather upholstery buttons.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.


  • Speed: 1100 rpm (max)
  • Working Width: up to 2” (50mm) skive
  • Barre grinding wheel and presser feet
  • Fully interchangeable with similar equipment

Equal to Consew DCS-S4 Skiving Machine