Cutting Tables

Cutting table – Work Table – Utility Table for the Sewing Room

Work Tables 72″ X 48″ These table have beveled finished ends.
Work Tables 72″ X 48″ These table have beveled finished ends. Can be used as separate table.
Sewing Room Table Tops.

Utility Tables for factory floor or workshop. With the same strength and durability as a Heavy Duty Industrial.

Utility Tables are built with the heaviest standard frame in the industry. Every piece of framework is made of 13 gauge steel. Rolled steel for its greater tensile and yield strength. The legs feature full 1-1/2” channels to ensure maximum strength.

Beveled lower edges (unique in the industry) to allow perfect fit with the side aprons. Steel splines connect sections securely for a smooth continuous surface. Precision workmanship makes the table assembly a breeze.

 Table tops consist of high quality tempered hardboard panels with screened backs for better adhesion to the table core. These specially designed panels are made of eucalyptus fibers compressed through a heat process to create a very smooth and durable surface. The table core consists of 45 lb. / ft3 density board to withstand the heaviest loads.

We also do the assembly and installed of these tables.