Brother 2340CV Coverstitch 3 Needle 4 Thread

Brother 2340CV Coverstitch 3 Needle 4 Thread Domestic Machine
Brother 2340CV Coverstitch 3 Needle 4 Thread Domestic Machine

The 2340CV Cover Stitch is an advanced serger, which allows you to create a wide range of cover stitches on all types and weights of fabric for both decorative and constructive applications. Even though the machine is a domestic home machine. This machine sew like a industrial machine, but you need to be careful that you don’t get the fabric caught in the needle plate. Because this happens offend when you start using the machine, we recommend the you have something like a surgical knife to cut the thread and not pull it which can damage the needle plate.

Expand your creativity

Expand your creativity with the 2340CV’s advanced technology. It features a tri-cover stitch, wide and narrow cover stitch, color coded threading, easy looper threading, adjustment dials for stitch length, a presser foot dial, snap on feet and differential feed which allows you to alter the speed at which your fabric is feeding through the machine. With 3 needles and one looper thread, the cover stitch machine creates professional hems, chain stitch and decorative stitching- great for making the perfect T-shirt in no time!

We offer training on this machine because we want our customer to be the best at what they do and like the see our customer post their work on Instagram, look us up sewing_machines_miami . The hardest material to sew are material like lycra and chiffon. There are special procedures that needs to be taken to sew materials like this. Afterwards you take a lesson you will still need to practice to make it prefect. While practice make prefect, you have to be consistence every day before you start producing quality garments. Following the procedures that you learn and using them everyday you sew will enhance the look of your stitch.

–Easy to follow lay-in threading.
–Color-coded threading guide.
–Fast and easy looper threading system.
–Dial adjustment for stitch length.
–Stitch length 2mm to 4mm.
–Presser foot pressure adjustment.
–Slide lever adjustment for differential feed.
–Differential feed for perfect seaming on virtually any fabric type.
–Eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics.
–Snap-on presser foot.

Sewing Lycra

Brother 2340CV Coverstitch 3 Needle 4 Thread Domestic Machine
Main Features
Differential fabric feed for better stitch quality
Two needle 2/3/4 thread cover stitch only
Cover Stitch Capability 3mm and 6mm
Chain Stitch Capability
Easy color-coded threading