Table Stand Motors Lights


M21 Series Continuous Running Motor Dual Voltage, 1/2 HP, 1425 / 1725 RPM


The CSM1000 series of High Torque D.C. Electronic Servo Motors from Premier by Consew includes a number of models. Consew CSM550-1 DC Servo Motor Energy efficient. Quiet operation. Light weight. 15.5. Pounds. Servo motor comes with 3 plunge plug for lights on the back.

Table Top with ruler imprint and machine cutout,    Legs with braces,  Foot Treadle,  Adjustable Treadle Rod,  1/2HP, 110VAC Servo Motor,  Switch & Power Cable,  Accessory Drawer

Many options available. Such as: Locking Wheels, Servo Motors, Lights, Thread Stands, different Table Tops.