Silver Star SB-400

Silver Star SB-400.jpg


SE-2000 Silverstar Iron:
At just 3.5 lbs., this powerful and comfortable iron emits the best quality steam in the industry.
Specially treated urethane Rubber Handle keeps hands cool and prevents slipping.

Safety Devices:
1 Safety valve in cap discharges pressure if other safeguards fail.
2 Two automatic thermostats prevent overheating.
3 Internal fuse disconnects electricity if thermostats fail.
4 If there is no water in the boiler, the power switch will turn off automatically and the LED indicator will light up.
5 Automatic pressure switch prevents excessive pressure.

Easy Connect/Disconnect Electrical Plug
Makes changing irons quick and easy

Steam Pressure Gauge
Shows internal boiler pressure in psi and bar


Boiler Power 1500W
Iron Power 800W
Water Capacity 3.5 Liters
Steam Pressure Up to 4 Bar (58 PSI)
Power 20 Amps
Voltage 120 VAC – 50/60 Hz
Total Weight 25.3 lbs. (11.5kg)
Size 16.5″ x 9.5″ 15.4″ (415mm x 240mm x 390mm)