13 Dials Adjustable Dress Female Mannequin Torso Stand

GEX 13 Dials Adjustable Dress Form Sewing Display Female Mannequin Torso Stand (Middle) Gray

Fully adjustable dress form for use in sewing projects or as a display piece.
13 key adjustments (bust, waist, hips, neck/back) provide a perfect fit. It allows you to personalize the form to match your body measurements. Foam Vacked Nylon Cover for Easy Pinning and Marking.
Measurements: Bust = 39 1/2″ – 45 1/2″, Waist = 30 1/2″ – 36 1/2″, Hips = 40″ – 46″
Adjustable Neck: Height Adjustment lets you customize the dress form to your height in a snap.