Consew 794 Double Needle, 4 Thread, High Speed Overlock Machine with Direct Drive motor
Consew 794 Double Needle, 4 Thread, High Speed Overlock Machine with Direct Drive motor.

Two Needle, 4 Thread, High Speed Overlock Machine, 
For overlock sewing of medium to heavyweight materials 
with Fully Automatic Lubrication, Differential Feed, Push button Stitch Regulator

Consew 794
Consew 794
Consew 794
Consew 794


  • Mock Safety Stitch – suitable for seaming sides and joining front and side panels on ladies’ swim suits and childrens’ play pants; closing sides on ladies’ panties; setting sleeves on ladies’ uniform dresses and knitted sport shirts; sewing cuffs to sleeves and attaching pocket pieces to front and back on ladies’ robes; setting body lining on men’s raincoats, etc.  Equipped to handle medium to heavy weight materials and designed for sewing stretchable materials or fabrics which need elasticity in stitching.


  • Speed, Max. up to 6500 s.p.m. (See machine specifications below)
  • Fully automatic lubrication with visual flow controls
  • Lubricating oil continuously filtered by replaceable filter
  • External cooling of oil supply
  • Differential feed
  • Push-button stitch regulator
  • Intermittent action possible
  • Standard type DC-27 needles
  • Reduced noise and vibration when operating at high speeds
  • Available Options: ET – Electric thread trimmer  /  P3D – Pneumatic thread trimmer /  C – Back tacking



Number of Needles2 (Double)
Feeding MechanismDifferential
WorkspaceStandard Workspace
Standard or Full FunctionStandard Functions
Speed, Max (S.P.M.)6500
Max Stitch Length0.7 – 3.8 mm
Presser Foot Lift6 mm
Needle UsedDC x 27 size 11
Overedging Stitch Width4 mm
Standard Distance Between Needles2 mm standard
Differential Ratio1 : 0.7 ~ 1.7
Number of Threads4